It is now possible to spend Bitcoin at Pick n Pay with Lightning or straight from your Binance, Luno or VALR mobile apps!

Pick n Pay is the first major retailer in Africa to enable Crypto Payments directly at the till by integrating the CryptoQR Payments API. This allows Pick n Pay customers to pay using cryptocurrency on their smartphones from their preferred Bitcoin Lightning wallet, or directly from their Binance, Luno or VALR accounts.

The payment option is available to customers at all PnP stores countrywide, including PnP Clothing and Express shops.

Please ask the teller to pay with “Contactless QR”.

How to pay with Bitcoin from your Luno Account

Please see the Luno help article here:

How to pay with Bitcoin from your VALR Account

Please see the VALR help article here:

How to pay with Bitcoin from your Binance Account

How to pay with Bitcoin Lightning

You will need the following to use Lightning Payments at the point of sale:

A Standard Lightning Wallet

We recommend Strike (supports BTC and USDT balances), WalletOfSatoshi or Phoenix (self-custody), but any Lightning-enabled wallet will work.

You can fund most Lightning wallets directly with Bitcoin from an exchange or self-custody Bitcoin wallet. Please allow some time (about 30 minutes) for Blockchain processing before you try to spend your balance.



The CryptoQR Scanner App 

The CryptoQR scanner app can scan Pick n Pay Point of Sale QR codes and link your Lightning wallet.

Download the CryptoQR scanner app onto your device and follow the setup instructions to link your Lightning Wallet.

The scanner app will request a 100 sats (about 50c) payment to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Making Payment

Select the "Contactless QR" payment option
1. When you are ready to pay for your items at the till, select or ask the cashier for the “Contactless QR” payment option, option 2 on the point-of-sale device.
2. Scan the payment QR code using the  CryptoQR scanner app
Scan the QR code with the CrytoQR app
3. You will be forwarded to your Lightning wallet to complete the payment.

Once the payment is complete in your Lightning Wallet, you will see the till slip print within a few seconds. Your transaction is complete.


Should anything go wrong and the point of sale does not confirm payment, you will need to wait 90 seconds for the point of sale to reset. If you sent a payment from your wallet, it will be returned to you within a few minutes.

Note: Some wallets like BlueWallet may take up to 24 hours to reflect the returned amount in your wallet.

You can always reach support by using the “help” function in the app or by contacting us:


Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information or contact us.