We make it Safe and Simple to accept Crypto Payments

Accept Crypto without volatility risk, get next-day settlement in Rands, using our simple merchant API.

What we do


Connecting merchants to a global financial ecosystem using the most advanced Blockchain payment technology


Supporting product development and innovation


Eliminating technical and currency risk with daily recon and next-day merchant balance settlement in fiat

Lightning Merchant API

Rand-denominated API powered by Lightning Network transactions, allowing merchants to receive crypto payments without needing to worry about the technical complexities and exchange rate volatility associated with Cryptocurrency payments.

Bolt Payments App

Provides interoperability with legacy systems that can not display Lightning QRs.

Customers can use any standard Bitcoin Lightning wallet, enabling a faster experience, low transaction fees, and the ability to support small payments.


Our Mission


Our mission is to make it safe and simple to accept Bitcoin for goods and services, both online and at the till, to bootstrap the circular Cryptocurrency economy


Our vision is a world with borderless networks of information and value transfer, powered by an Internet-native currency

Our experienced team

Carel van Wyk

Carel co-founded Luno and was an early engineer at Snapscan, he has been working on Bitcoin payment systems for the past 8 years .

Carl Kritzinger

Carl is a compulsive builder of products, and co-founded FireID and Fireworks Innovation.