• Introducing “Lightning Watts”

    Earlier this year, I spent some time researching the latest Cryptocurrency payment technologies. I discovered Lightning Hold Invoices which solves many of the problems I faced with Bitcoin payments in the past. I ended up building “Lightning Watts” (https://watts.cryptoconvert.co.za) as a proof of concept web app to demonstrate the smooth Lightning payment experience. What is […]

  • Crypto Convert

    If you arrived from the BitVice “By The Horns” interview with Ricki, welcome. You can subscribe to be notified when the CryptoConvert MVP goes live using the Mailchimp form in the footer. Or just follow me on Jack’s site: @carelvwyk

  • Where To Spend Your Sats in South Africa

    Converting your life to Crypto? Here’s a list of ways to cure your fiat addiction. Please share more South African Bitcoin and Lightning vendors in the comments or on this thread: https://twitter.com/carelvwyk/status/1427502637797322777?s=20. BitRefill One of the most well-known and longest running Bitcoin / Lightning vendors of digital goods (airtime / data / vouchers) is strengthening […]